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Chang-Hon Yu Tae Kwon-Do & Ho Do Kwan Tae Kwon-Do Association
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  6th Gup Green Belt
  Won-Hyo:  Was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 A. D. This Hyung has 28 movements.


 5th Gup Green/Blue Stripe Belt
 Yul-Gok:  Is the pseundonym of the great philosopher and scholar Yi-I (1536-1584 A. D.) Nicknamed the "Confucius of Korea". The 38 movements of this hyung refer to his birthplace on the 38 degree latitude and the diagram of this Hyung represents scholar.


 4th Gup Blue Belt
 Chung-Gun:  Named after the patriot Ahn Chung-Gun who assasinated Hiro-Bumi Ito, the first Japanese governor-general of Korea, Known as the man who played a leading part of the Korea-Japan merger.  There are 32 movements in this Hyung to represent Mr. Ahn's age when he was executed at Lui-Shung Prison in 1910. This Hyung has 32 movements.