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Yoo-Sin (68 Movements)      (5th Degree Black Belt)
  Yoo-Sin is named after General Kim Yoo-Sin, a commanding General during the Silla Dynasty. The 68 movements refer to the last two figures of 668 A.D. the year Korea was unified. The ready posture signifies a sword drawn to the right rather than the left side, symbolizing Yoo-Sin's mistake of following the King's orders to fight foreign force against his own nation.  He was instrumental in uniting the three kingdoms of Korea.

Ko-Dang (39 Movements)       (5th Degree Black Belt)
  Ko-Dang is the pseudonym of the patriot Cho Man-Sik who dedicated his life to the independence movement and education of Korea. The 39 movements og this Hyung show the number of times of his imprisonment as well as the location of his birth place on the 39 degrees latitude.

Sipjin (Decimal)                    (5th Degree Black Belt)
   The decimal system is the standard numerical value of hundred, thousand, million, billion and so on. In this sense 10 is the symbolic figure which means endless development and growth.  But the growth is always affected by systematic and orderly rule.

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