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Chang-Hon Yu Tae Kwon-Do & Ho Do Kwan Tae Kwon-Do Association
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Se-Jong (24 Movements)    (4th Degree Black Belt)
   Se-Jong is named after the greatest Korean King, Se-Jong who invented the Korean alphabet in 1443, and was also a noted meteorologist. The diagram {   } represents the King, while the 24 movements refer to the 24 letters of the Korean alphabet.

Choi-Yong  (46 Movements)     (4th Degree Black Belt)
   Is named after the famous General Choi-Yong who was the premier and commander in chief of the armed forces toward the end of the Koryo Dynasty in the 14th century.Although he was executed on a false charge by one of his subordinate commanders headed by General Yi Song-Gae who became the first King of the Yi Dynasty, he was very popular and greatly respected by all nations, though his loyalty,patriotism and honest poverty.

Pyongwon (Plain) (25 Movements)   (4th Degree Black Belt)
   The living lot of the human being is the plain. Fertile and vast, the plain gives us food. It also has been the place where human life has been lived and carried on.  On the other hand, a great open plain stretching out endlessly gives us the feeling of majesty that is different from what we feel on a mountain or the sea.

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