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Po-Eun (36 Movements)   (2nd Degree Black Belt)
Po-Eun is the pseundonym of a loyal subject Chong-Mong Chu ( 1400 A.D.) who was a famous poet and who's poem "I would not serve a second master though I might be crucified a hundred times" is known to every Korean. He was also a pioneer in the field of physics. The diagram { ___ }represents his unerring loyalty to the King and Country towards the end of the Koryo dynasty.

Ge-Beak  (24 movements)            (2nd Degree Black Belt)   
Ge-Beak is named after Ge-Beak, a great General in the Beak-Je Dynasty (660 A.D.). The Diagram {  } represents his severe and strict military dicipline.

Keumgang ( Diamond)(27 Movements)(2nd Degree Black Belt)
The word "Kumgang" has originally the meaning of being too strong to be broken. Also in Buddhism, what can break off every agony of mind with the combination of wisdom and virtue is called Kumgang.
The Korean people have named the most beautiful mountains on the Korean Peninsula Kumgang-San which is located in the Taebeak range of mountains, and call a diamond the hardest known substance, Kumgang-seok.

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